Queensland Public Housing – Rights, Complaints & Help

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Your Rights in Queensland Public Housing

Your rights include:

  • Entry Notice when the department wishes to enter your property
  • Property being maintained by the department so it’s fit for you to live in
  • Property being kept in good condition and common areas kept clean by the department
  • Health and safety laws being obeyed by the department
  • Reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of the premises
  • Issuing the department with a Notice to Remedy Breach if they breach your rights
  • Appealing decisions with the Housing Appeals and Review Unit (HARU) regarding:
  • Your eligibility for a social housing service
  • The type of social housing service offered
  • The place (location) of the social housing service
  • Requesting access to government documents that contain your person information either by:
    • A request through legislation; or
    • The Administrative Access Prcess

Your responsibilities are outlined in the documents you received at your sign-up appointment with the housing department. These responsibilities include:

  • Informing your housing service centre if there are any changes to your household
  • Paying rent as stated in your tenancy agreement
  • Not causing, or allowing others to cause damage to the property
  • Seeking approval fromteh department if you wish to run a business from your home
  • Making sure any activity in your home
    • Is legal
    • Does not cause a nuisance
    • Allows neighbours to enjoy reasonable peace, comfort and privacy

If you would like further information on your rights and responsbilities, you can contact your local housing service centre. Click here for locations and contact details.

Complaints and Help for Queensland Housing Issues

  • Your local housing service centre can be contacted if you are having issues or need help.

Click here for locations and contact details.

  • You may also contact the Residential Tenancy Autority (RTA) if you believe the department has breached the tenancy agreement

Phone: 1300 366 311

  • If you need help with Qld Housing, you can contact 13 QGOV (13 74 68)


To appeal a decision, you may contact the Housing Appeals and Review Unit (HARU).

Email: corporate.haru@hpw.qld.gov.au

Post: Housing Appeals and Review Unit (HARU)

Department of Housing and Public Works

GPO Box 2457, Brisbane 4001