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Disability Employment Help

Job Access offers information and support for people with disability in employment.

Information and advice line: 1800 464 800


Legal Help

You may need legal advice if you:

  • think there’s been a breach of an employment contract, award or agreement
  • have any other genuine dispute with a current or former employer.
  • think you are employed under a sham contracting arrangement
  • think your employer has breached your general protections
  • think you’ve experienced bullying, harassment or discrimination in your workplace
  • need to recover unpaid wages, benefits or entitlements

How to get legal advice

You may be able to receive advice from Legal Aid Queensland as an employee on employment matters.

Legal Aid Queensland is unable to give legal advice:

  • about enterprise bargaining or modern awards
  • about breach of contract matters
  • to state and local government employees about unfair dismissal or unlawful termination
  • to employers or genuine independent contractors.

Phone: 1300 65 11 88

Other legal services which may be able to help:

  • Caxton Legal Centre—Employment law advice service can give advice about unfair, unlawful and constructive dismissal, workplace bullying and discrimination matters. Contact them to find out if they can help.
  • LawRight Self Representation Service (Federal) gives legal advice and help to people involved in civil proceedings in the Federal Circuit Court or Federal Court for matters involving employment. They may help with drafting documents and correspondence relating to your legal matter. They don’t provide representation.
  • LGBTI Legal Service gives free legal advice and information to LGBTI clients, including legal advice relating to employment.
  • Queensland Law Society can refer you to a private lawyer who can give advice to employees, employers and contractors on employment and industrial relations law, and may be able to represent you.


Legalpedia is an online database operated by LawRight. It contains fact sheets, information and links to advocacy groups employment.


Easy English Booklet – Getting Legal Help

Legal Aid Queensland have an Easy English booklet to help people understand how to, step by step, get help for thier legal issues.

To view the guide click here

To order the booklet online click here

Phone: 1300 65 11 88