Rights – QCCS (Queensland Community Care Services)

Picture of a mans feet with crutches and chalk drawings on the pavement

QCCS (Queensland Community Care Services) offer support to clients who are under the age of 65 and do not qualify for other disability services. This support is limited and may include services in the community and home. If your services are funded by QCCS then your rights and responsibilities are outlined below.

When making decisions about your care, you have the right to:

  • Be treated with dignity, accepted as an individual and have your privacy respected
  • Full and effective use of all human, legal and consumer rights, including the right to freedom of speech regarding your care
  • Have access to advocates and other avenues of redress
  • Be treated without exploitation, abuse, discrimination, harassment or neglect
  • Participate in making decisions that affect you
  • Have your representative participate in decisions relating to your care if you want it or if you do not have capacity
  • Receive reliable, coordinated, safe, quality care and services which are appropriate to meeting your goals and assessed needs
  • Access your personal information
  • Be helped to understand any information you are given
  • Choose a person to speak on your behalf

When receiving care, you have the right to:

  • Receive care that is respectful of you, your family and home
  • Receive care without being obliged to feel grateful to those providing care
  • Change service provider
  • Choose the care and services that best meet your goals and assessed needs and preferences within the resource limits
  • Choose the approved provider that is to provide home care to you, and have flexibility to change that provider if you wish
  • Be given a written plan of the care and services that you expect to receive
  • Receive care and services that consider your other care arrangements and preferences

Financial rights include the right to:

  • Ongoing review of the care and services you receive, and changes of the care and services as required
  • Receive an individualized budget and have it reviewed if necessary
  • Receive a monthly statement of the funds available and the expenditure in respect of the care and services provided during the month
  • Privacy and confidentiality of your personal information
  • Be offered a written agreement that includes all agreed matters
  • Have your fees determined in a fair way that you can understand
  • Receive invoices that are clear and in a format that is understandable
  • Have your fees reviewed regularly and on request when there is a change to your financial circumstances
  • Not be denied care and services because of your inability to pay a fee for reasons beyond your control

For information on how to complain or seek help if your rights are not being up held, see Complaints and Help – QCCS