Rights – Education

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A person with a disability has a right to study at any educational institution in the same way as any other student.

The Disability Discrimination Act protects people with a disability against discrimination in education in the following areas:


  • Refusal or failure to accept an application for admission from a person with a disability
  • Accepting a person with a disability as a student on less favourable terms or conditions than others


  • Denying or limiting access to people with a disability
  • Expelling a person because of a disability or subjecting them to any other detriment


  • Humiliating comments or actions about a person’s disability, such as insults or comments or actions which create a hostile environment

Course Changes:

  • If a person with a disability meets the essential entry requirements, then educators must make changes or ‘reasonable adjustments’ if that person needs them in order to perform essential course work

Educators need to:

  • Thoroughly consider how an adjustment might be made (Click here for as factsheet)
  • Discuss this directly with the person involved
  • Consult relevant sources of advice.


All Queensland children and young people are entitled to universal access to high quality state education that will help maximise their educational potential and enable them to become an informed effective member of the community. This right is protected by legislation.