Housing and Support Program – Rights & Help

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The Housing and Support Program (HASP) enables people with a psychiatric disability to live in the community with stable social housing and enjoy an improved quality of life. Sustainable housing and independent living support for HASP participants are seen as key elements in supporting their recovery and reducing the need for hospital care. The program offers individuals a coordinated package of housing and support.

Participation in HASP is voluntary and you will be able to make informed choices about:

  • Your preferred location and type of housing
  • Your service provider
  • Your household possessions
  • Your personal goals and lifestyle
  • The invlvement of informal supporters

You can opt out of the program and you can request to change your service provider. HASP will come under the NDIS as it ‘rolls out’ across Queensland.

Your service provider should be contacted if you need help or have an issue. You may seek the support of someone you trust to assist and advocate on your behalf.

Website: Click Here

Online HASP Guide: Click Here


If you still need help, you may contact:

  • For housing – follow the housing service’s complaints process
  • For mental health services – follow your local HSS complaints system. You can find your local HSS at https://www.health.qld.gv.au/services
  • For service providers – follow their service procedures