Complaints – Legal Services

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Complaints about Lawyers, law practice employees and unlawful operators

The Legal Services Commissioner is the sole body authorized under the Legal Profession Act 2007 (Qld) to receive and deal with complaint about lawyers, law practice employees and unlawful operators.

How to lodge a complaint with the Commissioner:

Email Complaint: The recommended method is to submit your complaint via email by downloading and filling out the complaint form. You may also attach any other documents which are relevant to you complaint.


Download Complaint Form: Click Here

Postal Complaint: A letter can also be posted to the office at:
PO Box 10310
Brisbane Adelaide Street Qld 4000

Phone Complaint: Alternatively you can call the office on (07) 3564 7726 (if you are located in Brisbane)

OR 1300 655 754 (If you are located outside Brisbane)

National Relay Service: 13 36 77

Translator and Interpreter Service: 13 14 50


When lodging a complaint it is important to:

  • Identify (if you can) the lawyer or other person you are complaining about
  • Describe the conduct you are concerned about in as much detail as possible
  • Provide any additional material that may support your complaint – attach only copies and not the original documents

For more information click here.