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Mental Health Help

Head to Health Online Resources – Head to Health offers a directory for digital and online mental health resources such as website, apps, chats, forums and help resources. Not only can you find websites with solid information and advice, but you can also use apps and programs to build skills and track progress, share stories in online forums, and get confidential support through phone, email, and chat services.


Mi Networks – Mi Networks and their experienced mental health workers can provide up-to-date and relevant information about mental health concerns and connect people with a broad range of services in their local area. MiNetworks answer questions about mental illness and help people to find the most appropriate support in their local community. If you or someone you know or care for is living with mental illness, support is available.

Phone: 1800 985 944


Information Sheets: Click Here

Mental Health Service or Support Organisations – There are a range of ways you can find mental health support and information

  • MiNetwork (listed baove)
  • Phone: 1300 MHCALL (1300 64 22 55) to be linked to your local mental health team (including acute care)
  • My Community Directory:
  • Government Services List: Click Here
  • Overview Mental Health Services – The mental health system can be complex. An example overview of the types of mental health services and supports available and their connections can be found at this Website: Click Here


You should try to raise your concern with the service or facility from which you received treatment. They will probably have a complaints process for you to follow. You can also seek help and support from legal centres that specialise in this area. Some organisations are listed below.

Queensland Advocacy Incorporated (QAI) Provide a Mental Health Legal Service (MHLS) which is a specialist legal service dedicated to providing confidential, free and independent information, advice, referrals and representation in relation to mental health law in Queensland.

Phone: (07) 3844 4200

LawRight provide a Mental Health Law Practice (MHLP) to assist people with mental illness or who are impacted by mental health who cannot afford a private lawyer.

Phone: (07) 3846 6317

Legal Advice

You may need legal advice if:

  • you’ve been referred for an involuntary assessment
  • you’ve been placed under a treatment authority
  • you’re preparing to appear at the Mental Health Review Tribunal
  • you’ve been charged with a criminal offence and are going to the Mental Health Court or you want to be referred to the Mental Health Court.

Legal Aid Queensland may be able to provide representation:

  • if you are appearing in the Mental Health Court
  • if you are appearing in the Mental Health Review Tribunal for matters including:
  • electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) applications
  • all hearings involving minors
  • hearings of a person’s fitness for trial
  • when the Attorney-General is represented.

They also may be able to give advice on appeals from matters in the Mental Health Review Tribunal to the Mental Health Court.

Phone: 1300 651 188

Cairns Community Legal Centre (CCLC) offer a Mental Health Legal Service for this in the community experiencing disadvantage. Clients can gain legal advice and assistance for Treatment Authorities, Electroconvulsive Therapies (ECT) applications and other mental health legal problems.

Phone: (07) 4031 7688 or 1800 062 608



Legalpedia is an online database operated by LawRight. It contains fact sheets, information and links to advocacy groups.


Mental Health Review Tribunal Appeals

The Mental Health Court hears appeals from the Mental Health Review Tribunal. You may be referred to the Mental Health Court if you have been charged with a criminal offence and there are concerns about your capacity.

Phone: (07) 3082 0554


Protecting your Rights

There are also Independent Patient Rights Advisors (IPRA) who may be able to assist you with ensuring your rights are protected. To contact your local IPRA see our Rights – Mental Health section of this guide for thier contact details in your area.

Easy English Booklet – Getting Legal Help

Legal Aid Queensland have an Easy English booklet to help people understand how to, step by step, get help for thier legal issues.

To view the guide click here

To order the booklet online click here

Phone: 1300 65 11 88