Complaints – Centrelink


When dealing with Centrelink, you have the right to:

  • Access services in the same way as a person without a disability
  • Communicate in a way which is accessible to you. This can include using an interpreter or an assisted communication device
  • Have someone else deal with Centrelink for you, if you approve this
  • Have somebody else come to meetings with you, if you want them to
  • Not have your parents or guardians come to meetings if you are 18 or older, or if Centrelink says you are independent
  • Be treated with respect, dignity, privacy and fairness
  • Apply for any payment you think you might be allowed to get, even if you don’t end up getting everything you would like
  • Know what is happening and why it is happening explained to you in a way you can understand
  • Ask for a decision to be reviewed if you don’t agree with it
  • Not be treated less fairly than other people because of your disability, race, sex/gender, religion or sexuality
  • Complain about the way you are treated, and to get a response to your complaint