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Complaints and Help - First Language Other Than English

Picture of a desk with a persons hand holding a mobile phone.If you have been denied an interpreter to access a service provided by a Queensland Government agency or funded service, you can make a complaint to the agency or organisation providing the service. If you are unhappy with the outcome of the complaint, you can contact the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland for matters relating to unlawful discrimination by phoning.

Phone: 1300 130 670
Email: enquiries@adcq.qld.gov.au

Website: www.adcq.qld.gov.au 



For other matters regarding denial of services, you can contact the Queensland Ombudsman

Phone: (07) 3005 7000
Email: ombudsman@ombudsman.qld.gov.au

Website: www.ombudsman.qld.gov.au


AMPARO Advocacy provides individual advocacy on behalf of vulnerable people from a non-English speaking background with a disability. They can speak, act and write on your behalf to protect your most basic needs.

Phone: (07) 3369 2500
Email: amparo@amparo.org.au
Website: http://www.amparo.org.au/ 


Easy English Booklet - Getting Legal Help

Legal Aid Queensland have an Easy English booklet to help people understand how to, step by step, get help for thier legal issues.

To view the guide click here

To order the booklet online click here

Phone: 1300 65 11 88

Website: www.legalaid.qld.gov.au