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Organisations who can help you make a complaint

See the below referral guide for who to contact for help about your type of issue

For People Who Help with Go To Telephone Website
Are elderly or have a disability 

Home care, aged care facility, Enduring Power of Attorney, administration orders, QCAT, Government funded aged care services and community care services

ADA Australia 3637 6000 www.adaaustralia.com.au/ 
Are disabled and/or receiving social security benefits 

Social security and disability discrimination matters

Basic Rights Queensland 3421 2510  www.brq.org.au/ 
Have low income or are disadvantaged 

Consumer, employment and family matters, and general advice 

Caxton Legal Centre  3214 6333 www.caxton.org.au/ 


Pass eligibility criteria: means test, fundng guidelines, merits test.

Discrimination, employment, social security, veterans, consumer or debt matters, young people who have been excluded from school and services Legal Aid Queensland  1300 651 188  www.legalaid.qld.gov.au/

Have a disability

Disability matters

Speaking Up for You

3255 1244 


    People with Disability Australia 1800 422 015 www.pwd.org.au/

Independent Advocacy Townsville

4725 2505  www.independentadvocacy.org.au
    Mackay Advocacy Inc. 4957 8710  www.mackayadvocacy.com.au/

Abuse and neglect, decision making, discrimination, health, intellectual or cognitive disability, mental health, NDIS support

Queensland Advocacy Inc.  3844 4200 www.qai.org.au/

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples

Domestic violence, family violence, sexual assault

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Legal Services 

1800 012 255 www.atsils.org.au/ 
    QLD Indigenous family Violence Legal Service 1800 887 700 www.qifvls.com.au/
Moreton Bay area

Discrimination, residential, social security, employment, debt, wills and estates

Moreton Bay Regional Community Legal Service

5495 5916 www.mbrcls.org.au/ 

Education issues, criminal and child protection matters in Children’s Court, matters affecting young people 

Youth Advocacy Centre

3356 1002 



Are in Logan and surrounding areas

Disability, youth, employment, mental health, money and debts, accommodation, domestic and family violence

YFS Legal 3826 1500 www.yfs.org.au/

Cannot obtain Legal Aid or afford a lawyer 

Referrals, self-representation advice, health

LawRight  3846 6317 www.lawright.org.au/ 

Are under 65yrs of age, Brisbane area who have a disability

Non English speaking Advocacy in Brisbane

Amparo Advocacy Inc.

3354 4900 www.amparo.org.au/ 

Are in Rockhampton and Livingstone areas 

Disability support advocacy Capricorn Citizen Advocacy 4922 0299 www.capca.org.au/ 

Are in Sunshine Coast area

Disability support advocacy

Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy Programme

5442 2524 www.citizenadvocacy.com/

Are in Cairns, Yarrabah, Mareeba and Atherton 

Disability matters  Rights in Action 4031 7377  www.rightsinaction.org/ 
Have a disability or mental illness     The Advocacy & Support Centre

Toowoomba - 4616 9700

Ipswich - 3812 7000

Warwick - 4616 9700

    Ipswich Regional Advocacy Service

Roma - 4523 6000

3281 5409


Older persons receiving aged care 

Commonwealth aged care service complaints and access problems


ADA Australia


1800 818 338 



Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in Townsville and rural North Queensland 

  Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Women’s Legal Services NQ  1800 082 600  www.atsiwlsnq.org.au/ 

Bayside and surrounding areas 

All help areas except immigration, taxation, business and commercial and property litigation

Bayside Community Legal Services Inc.  3162 3282  www.bcls.org.au/
Gold Coast area 

Family, domestic violence, tenancy, debt, QCAT, employment, social services, enduring Power of Attorney, administration

Gold Coast Community Legal Centre & Advice Bureau Inc. 

5532 9611  www.advicebureau.org.au/ 
Goondiwindi and surrounding areas   

Goondiwindi Community Legal Service 

4670 0700 www.caregoondiwindi.com.au/ 
People who identify as LGBTI 

Family, separation, domestic violence, employment, gender identification, administrative matters

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Intersex Legal Service Inc. 

0401 936 232 www.lgbtilegalservice.org/ 

Are in Mackay, Whitsunday and Isaac areas 

Excludes commercial law, conveyancing and native title

Mackay Regional Community Legal Centre 

4953 1211 www.mrclc.com.au/ 

Are women in North Queensland

Family, domestic violence, child protection, discrimination

North Queensland Women’s Legal Service 

4772 5400 www.nqwls.com.au/ 

Are in Gold Coast region 


Robina Community Legal Centre Inc. 

0423 466 286



Seniors over 60 in the Fraser Coast 

Elder abuse, mistreatment, financial exploitation

Seniors Legal and Support Service (Fraser Coast) 

4194 3000 www.hbnc.net.au/

Family matters, domestic violence, debt, wills, enduring powers of attorney, child protection

South West Brisbane Community Legal centre

3372 7677 www.communitylegal.org.au/ 

Are in Sunshine Coast and Noosa areas

Family matters, domestic violence, child safety, debts, consumer issues, workplace, discrimination, elder issues

Suncoast Community Legal Service 

5443 7827  www.suncoastcommunitylegal.org 

Are women who do not qualify for Legal Aid and cannot afford a private lawyer 

Family matters, domestic violence Women’s Legal Service  1800 957 957 www.wlsq.org.au/