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Complaints & Help- Superannuation


A complaint must first be lodged with your superannuation fund provider, if however:

  • Picture of a neon white dollar sign on a black background.You are dissatisfied with the response you receive
  • The provider fails to respond to the complaint within 90 days

You may lodge a complaint with the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal. You may wish to lodge a complaint with the Tribunal if:

  • Any issues you may have regarding the amount of the benefit payable
  • Your fund refuses to approve your claim for a disability benefit


The Superannuation Complaints Tribunal can only deal with the complaint about a decision made by a trustee of a fund relating to the payment of a disability benefit becuase of total and permanent disablement in the following circumstances

  • If you did not permanently cease employment your complaint must be brought to the tribunal within 6 years of the trustee’s decision
  • Your complaint to the tribunal is made within 4 years of the trustee’s decision
  • Your claim for a TPD payment was made to the trustee within 2 years of you permanently ceasing employment
  • You will be required to complete a Registration of Complaint form, to access click here.


Additional information which may be required includes:

  • A copy of the Superannuation provider’s letter notifying you of its decision to reject/deny your disability claim
  • A copy of your letter of complaint to the superannuation provider about this decision
  • A copy of the provider’s response to your letter of complaint
  • If your complaint is about the amount of benefit payable, include a statement explaining why you believe you are entitled to the benefit and what you have based this belief on 

The complaint form may be sent to the Tribunal via:

  • Email: info@sct.gov.au
  • Mail: Superannuation Complaints TribunalLocked Bag 3060,  MELBOURNE VIC 3001


The Tribunal will assess your complaint to determine if it is within their authority to help you:

They will then attempt to resolve the issue through conciliation between you and the fund provider

  • If that fails, the tribunal will review the submissions made by each party and make a determination to finalise the complaint


If you are unsatisfied with the determination made by the Tribunal you may make an appeal to the Federal Court



Should you need legal advice, you can find a solicitor specialising in superannuation issues though the Queensland Law Society

Find a Lawyer: Click Here